‘Cheap and easy’: Herbs can be grown ‘almost anywhere’ – how to make them flourish

B&Q offer advice on how to plant herbs in a container

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Growing herbs can be done so all year round, with some even hardy enough to survive the outdoors during the winter months. Experts at Sow Your Own explained: “Fresh herbs can be an amazing addition to your cooking, and the good news is they can be grown almost anywhere. Even if you have no garden, herbs can grow on your kitchen window in pots or window boxes.

“With lots of us still spending most of our time at home, growing herbs can be a great new hobby.

“Herb growing is relatively cheap and easy and can be done both outdoors and indoors, so it could give you something new to do to keep you, and the kids entertained.

“As well as being an entertaining pastime, growing herbs can help you save money too as it is much more cost-effective to grow them instead of buying them in the supermarket.”

The experts recommended thinking about what herbs you want to grow before a herb garden is started.

They can be split into three different groups including annuals, biennials and perennials.

Herbs such as basil and dill are annuals, and they die within a year.

Biennials include herbs such as parsley which last two years and perennials are herbs like rosemary and thyme which will reliably grow for several years.

The experts said: “You might want to plant a variety so that your herb garden is always full of life, basil, coriander and dill are excellent for beginners.”

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Once this has been planned, it is time to start planting, with the first step thinking about where to plant them.

Sow Your Own said: “Think about what the conditions are like in the location where your herbs will be. 

“Some herbs like chives and oregano will flourish in sunny conditions, whereas French parsley and wild rocket survive better in shadier places.

“Whilst there are many things you can use to grow your herbs, the most important aspect is drainage. 

“If your herbs can’t drain properly, then they will drown in water.

“Use the right soil for whatever it is that you’re planting. 

“We recommend using a general potting mix as it’s finer and allows water to drain better.”

Basil, chives, mint, dill and fennel can be grown outdoors as well as rosemary and lemongrass.

However, they may need to be placed inside during harsh weather to help protect them.

Herbs should be watered everyday, aiming to water them in the evening during the summer months.

The experts added: “Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Growing herbs should be a fun experience, it doesn’t have to be complex or stressful.

“Just focus on picking a good location with a well-draining container and water your herbs frequently.”

Herb kits can be purchased from www.sowyourown.co.uk containing everything you need to get growing, including six packets of herb seeds.

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