Best ‘procedure’ for pruning peace lilies – will ‘spur growth’

How to care for a peace lily

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Peace lilies are tender, evergreen perennials that are popular houseplants because they’re both easy to grow and attractive. Not only does the plant bring greenery indoors, but it also acts as a great air purifier. The peace lily is on NASA’s list of top 10 air-cleaning plants.

The plant doesn’t only add oxygen to the home but also filters and removes toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, ethylene, and ammonia.

You may have noticed your peace lily’s old leaves have turned yellow or brown and have been shed from the plant. This is normal, but if you want to get ahead of this, you can prune them yourself.

When leaves start to look discoloured or worse for wear, this is when you should consider giving them a trim.

Vladan Nikolic, a houseplant expert and the founder of Mr Houseplant said the plant doesn’t need pruning if it has “healthy green foliage and stems”.

Aim to only remove diseased, discoloured or head parts to prevent problems spreading to other parts of the plant.

It’s also best to only prune plants during the growing season from spring to summer. Try and avoid cutting plants now (in winter) as they may struggle to grow back.

How to prune peace lily flowers

Ensure you use sanitised secateurs or scissors when pruning both peace lily flowers and leaves.

When removing an old bloom, gardeners need to follow the bloom stem down to the base of the plant before cutting the stem off as close to the base of the plant as possible.

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A plant expert from the Flower Shop Network added: “This will help make the plant more attractive and stimulate the plant to produce more blooms.”

RHS Ambassador Jamie Butterworth also agreed that regularly deadheading the flowers will encourage more flowering.

He said: “Cut back the faded flowers once they’ve started to do their thing as the more you deadhead the more flowers you’ll receive.”

Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening said pruning your peace lily will keep your plant “looking beautiful throughout the year”.

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He explained: “Because every ​stem produces only one of the white flowers you love, once that flower dies, it may not look amazing. Cut it back at the base of the stem to remove it and spur new growth.”

If flower stalks are dry enough, you may be able to simply pull the flower off in your hand.

How to prune peace lily leaves

Kevin recommended pruning “yellowing leaves or leaves that are drooping severely”.

When pruning a leaf, gardeners need to follow a similar tule, pruning as close to the base as possible.

The plant expert from the Flower Shop Network said: “While we are talking about pruning peace lilies, we need to discuss pruning unsightly leaves off.

“You will follow the same procedure as deadheading the blooms. Follow the leave stem to the base of the plant and cut it off.

“You can also prune the leaves themselves should they get brown tips.

“To do this make an angled cut below the brown tip. This angled cut should keep the new tip from turning brown.”

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