‘Be careful with them’ Orchid expert shares glass trick for watering

Alan Titchmarsh details method for keeping orchids flowering

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With winter just around the corner, it’s important now more than ever to look after houseplants. Whether you’re a houseplant amateur or a horticultural enthusiast, anyone can own a houseplant and learn how to care for one.

In a video for ITV’s This Morning, plant lover Kelly Brook shared her handy hacks for keeping houseplants alive and thriving.

She shared her advice with This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

One of the plants Kelly was discussing was a moth orchid. The moth orchid has long, coarse roots and short, leafy stems with flat flowers.

They come in a plethora of colours like cream, white, pale pink, dark pink, orange and blue.

Orchids are popular but people often over-water them which can lead to problems such as root rot.

Kelly said because orchids are so beautiful, houseplant owners tend to “fuss over them”.

She said: “We’re always watering them! But all we really need is a shot glass full of water once a week. That’s all they need.

“Then, when they do eventually start dying off, deadhead them so they keep looking lovely.

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“That’s it, that’s all you have to do.”

Holly said she finds her orchids look good for a week but then end of being “pots of sticks”.

Plant expert Kelly said orchids “can be divas” but the trick is not to overwater them.

She said: “What you’ve got to do is just not overwater them. They do like quite a lot of sunlight as well.

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“If they’re in a shady place, they won’t lie that so make sure you have some sunlight but again, not too much. You have to be really careful with them.”

Another way to water orchids is soak the bottom of the pot in a bowl of water once every week or two.

Houseplant owners can also put the plants in the kitchen sink to water them.

Most orchids need watering every seven to 10 days or when the potting mix gets too dry.

Too much water can lead to root rot, crows rot or other problems like fungus gnat infestations.

Orchids will survive two to three weeks without water. Some can last up to one month if it’s not too warm.

It’s best to use collected rainwater or distilled water when watering orchids. Softened water contains salts that can damage the plant.

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