Artificial lawn warning as Katherine Ryan’s astroturf balcony ‘burst into flames’

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Katherine Ryan said a recent fire at her home was started by a bird and explained that it could have killed her family. The comedian, who shared the news on her podcast, said the fire brigade put the blaze down to a bird dropping a cigarette onto her astroturfed balcony. After leaving her home to do the school run, she left her Canadian partner Bobby and mother Julie in the house.

The TV star said: “I take Fred out to collect Violet from school. One of the benefits of the smart home system is that the fire alarm is linked to all our phones.

“My phone starts going nuts, fire alarm, fire alert, kitchen, fire, guest bedroom, fire, landing, fire, fire, there’s fire in every room.

“Every room on this app is telling me there’s a fire in it.

“I ignore the alarm, I think maybe Bobby’s cooking something. My phone rings and it’s Bobby, he pocket dials, dials someone at least once a day.

“On this occasion I could hear the alarm and I could hear movement. I could tell he was running around.”

Katherine explained that her partner was not answering and neither was her mother.

The babysitter also messaged her to let her know the fire alarm was going off on her phone.

The comedian added: “I get home, the alarm’s going off, the house is full of smoke, and Bobby and my mum have an assembly line of water going from the shower and the sink with buckets, pouring them out the guest room window on to the balcony which is alight.”

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After ringing the emergency services, they managed to get the balcony fire under control.

She continued: “What we have on the roof and all the balconies is astroturf for some like decorative reason.

“They’re not balconies you’re allowed to stand on. There’s this rule in the neighbourhood that it like prejudices someone’s privacy for you to walk out on the balcony on a high floor because you can see their entire garden.

“The fire truck came in like three minutes, filled with gorgeous firemen.”

Katherine described the crew as “incredible” but wanted to find out the cause because “all of a sudden the balcony burst into flames” and understandably didn’t want it happening again.

She added that the house smelt terrible because the artificial grass was made from plastic.

The fire crew explained that the cause of the fire was a bird dropping a smouldering cigarette butt onto the roof.

Speaking on the podcast, the comedian said she has so far retained the artificial grass on the ground floor back garden lawn.

She added: “We hate birds, Bobby especially hates birds, they’re eating all his grass seed ruining his lawn, and now they’re actually trying to kill us by firebombing our house.

“That is the only explanation. The house next to us is vacant. There was no workers there the last few days and the balcony that caught alight isn’t even near their balcony.

“You just can’t get to it unless you’re a bird. So, a bird tried to murder us.

“I think maybe don’t get astroturf is my number one advice.”

Katherine said she dreaded to think about what may have happened if her partner had not been so quick to spot the fire.

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