April lawn care tips: Mow lawns at least ‘once a week’ this month to keep grass ‘healthy’

Home Depot: How to ready your lawn for Spring

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to give the garden lawn some welcome TLC. The winter months can wreak havoc on a lawn with rain, wind and cold spells leading to bald patches, water-logging and compacted soil. So how can gardeners care for their lawns in April?

Tristan Sissons, a garden buying manager at Homebase has exclusively shared his tips with Express.co.uk.

He said: “As we look forward to warmer weather in April and spending time in the garden with friends and family, we need to give our green spaces a helping hand to keep them looking their best.

“When it comes to maintaining your lawn in spring and summer, it’s the simple things that make all the difference, like feeding, watering, and mowing your grass.”


As the days get longer, the added sunshine will help boost the growth of grass.

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However, as lawns flourish, they tend to use up more nutrients from the soil.

Gardeners will need to replace nutrients regularly with grass feed in order to keep lawns healthy “all year round”.

Mr Sissions continued: “This will also reduce your lawn’s daily upkeep needs as healthier grass leaves less room for weeds.

“To make life simple, where you have some bare batches, choose a product that doesn’t only feed your lawn the nutrients it needs, but has grass seed included too.”

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Like flowerbeds, borders and containers, lawns need regular watering, especially in the warmer months.

However, it’s important gardeners don’t “overdo it”.

Watering a lawn daily, even if just lightly, can actually cause the roots to grow shallow.

The Homebase expert suggested giving the grass an “April shower” twice a week.

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He added: “If it’s really dry, particularly after a dry spell of around two weeks, prick it with a fork so water can flow through the soil more easily.

“I’d recommend watering in the morning or evening to avoid excessive evaporation.”


The garden expert recommended mowing the lawn “at least once a week to keep it healthy”.

But it’s important gardeners do not “cut it right back”.

Mr Sissions added: “Make sure to remove only a third of the height to prevent losing all the progress you’ve made in growing your lawn.”

Once gardeners start to regularly trim their lawns, it’s important they don’t allow it to grow too long either.

Very long grass can be difficult to mow properly and can leave leftover clippings on the lawn.

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