American Airlines Passenger Claims Everything in Her Suitcase Was Replaced With 'Airport Equipment'

American Airlines passenger Anna Knight claims to have been “robbed” of everything in her checked suitcase — but it wasn’t empty when she got it back.

After arriving at Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening, Knight says she retrieved her luggage from baggage claim, and opened her suitcase to find all of her belongings gone. But instead of finding the suitcase empty, it was allegedly stuffed with airline equipment, including harnesses, power strips, orange clothing items typically worn by crew members on the tarmac, and a pair of black work boots.

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Knight, who is a manager at the Delano South Beach hotel and a swimwear designer, according to her Facebook, took to social media to express her outrage over the incident, sharing two photos and writing that when she complained to the airline about her belongings being gone, they told her to fill out a form and email it to their support team.

“NEVER fly with @AmericanAir again,” she wrote on Twitter. “All of my items were taken out of my luggage and replaced with airport equipment, & all they did was tell me to fill out a form. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Pls REPOST & don’t book flights with them!” Knight followed up the tweet with “#ROBBED.”

She also shared a screen shot of a post she put up on Facebook. “I just got robbed by American Airlines . . . ALL MY STUFF IS GONE & replaced with airline equipment! $8000 worth of items GONE! Priceless souvenirs from my trip GONE!!”

In a follow-up tweet on Thursday, Knight writes that she was “in tears” while talking to police, who she says are investigating the incident.

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Representatives for American Airlines and TSA tell PEOPLE they are looking into the incident. The spokesperson for American also pointed out that the equipment visible in the photo does not belong to the airline.

Knight also claims she still has the suitcase with all of the airport equipment in it, because the airline told her to “hang on to it.”

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