‘Amazing’ gardening method brings dying and wilting hydrangeas back to life

While it is true that hydrangeas do not require extensive care, it is common for any flowers to wilt and die in the summer due to the heat.

It can be devastating for any homeowner trying to keep their garden beautiful. Now one enthusiast has discovered a way to bring hydrangeas “fully back to life”.

Instead of spending money on expensive fertilisers or feed, the TikToker, named Chloe, says you can bring back dying hydrangeas by simply using a pot and boiling water.

Chloe made a video showing hydrangeas that were wilted and dying but are now blooming and healthy.

She said: “I found the most amazing hack for hydrangeas that are wilted…I mean look at these! These looked like they are on death’s door.”

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In order to bring back your hydrangeas, you will need to put a pot of boiling water on the stove and make sure the water is steaming and very hot.

Chloe said: “Then snip your steams so that they can take in the water, and then leave them in that water for two hours.”

After placing your hydrangeas in the water and leaving them for a few hours, they should start to begin to come back to life and stop wilting.

However, if you do not see any results after an hour then do not fear, as Chloe said she could only see “a bit of a difference” one hour into the gardening trick, and that it took the full two hours for her to see any improvement.

@frizzandfrillzz Reviving wilted hydrangeas with boiling water?! Who knew?!?! Tiktok always coming through with the best hacks! #hydrangeas #hydrangeahack #hydrangeatips #floraldesign #flowertips #flowertok #wiltedassflowers ♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

After the time was up, Chloe took the hydrangeas from the stove to reveal they were not only healthy but were at full bloom. The hydrangeas looked beautiful despite being wilted and shrivelled earlier in the day.

Chloe said: “Two hours in and they are fully back to life. They have been resurrected. What on Earth! This is pure magic, amazing, you need to do this hack right now.”

In Chloe’s video comment section, fellow gardeners praised her for the idea, and some people said that it has worked bring their own flowers back to life.

One user said: “This hack is no joke! My cut hydrangeas have lasted over a month! Every time they start to wilt I cut the bottoms and put them in hot, hot water.”

Another person confessed they were reluctant to put their flowers in boiling water at first. They wrote: “I was so nervous the hot water was gonna completely kill them and [I don’t know why] why since they were already dying

In the caption of the video, Chloe wrote: “Reviving wilted hydrangeas with boiling water?! Who knew?!?! Tiktok always coming through with the best hacks!”

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