7 Clever Hacks to Make Your House Smell Like Christmas All Season Long

Pine-scented candle hoarders take note: there’s a better way to embrace the glorious scents of the holiday season — actually, there are seven. The home experts at Porch.com are sharing a bunch of cute and clever DIYs that are fun to assemble and even better to smell. 

Fire starters in cupcake tins are much cuter than your typical fireplace duo of old newspapers and kindling. Get the how-to from Make + Haus.

Dating back to Victorian times, these clove-studded oranges, known as pomanders, are a simple and pretty DIY anyone can do. This version was made by Simple Bites.

Feeling ambitious? How about DIYing your own homemade room spray. A tutorial from Hello Glow can get you started. 

Right before guests arrive, try simmering some fragrant herbs and cinammon sticks for an aroma that will spread beyond the kitchen. Bonus: the boiling water helps humidify dry winter air. Get the full details on Make + Haus.

These oil-based candles are packed full of wintry-scented goodies, and are easy to assemble, thanks to Garden Matter‘s expert tips. 

For a delightfully scented twist on a favorite childhood craft, just add essential oil and glitter to some foraged or store-bought pine cones! See how on Ramshackle Glam. 

Old-school potpourri just got a modern update. Make your own version of the classic with these ridiculously simple instructions from Hello Glow.

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