5 freshly cut flowers which will ‘last longer in warmer weather’ for bouquets and vases

Interflora provides advice on making flowers last longer

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With so many beautiful flowers blooming in the summer, there’s no better time to trim some of your garden favourites into a bouquet to decorate your home. However, the rising temperatures can mean flowers begin to wilt at a much faster pace.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Nem Vorkapic, UK head of floristry and design at Floward said: “Generally speaking, with warmer weather comes wilting flowers.

“Over time the health of freshly cut flowers will naturally deteriorate quicker than usual if they are exposed to higher temperate levels.

“This is due to flowers releasing moisture through transpiration faster than they can take water up, so they become dehydrated.”

Though this is a natural process for cut flowers, Mr Vorkapic explained that there are some flowers which are better suited for floral arrangements in the summer months.

He said: “Lisianthus, Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Orchids and Calla Lillies are all great flower options which tend to last longer in warmer weather.”

The location of your blooms also plays a vital role in how long they last, particularly during long periods of sunshine.

Mr Vorkapic said: “Fresh flower arrangements will typically last longer if they’re not in direct sunlight.

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“While flowers will need light to help them bloom, too much sun exposure can speed up their flowering process, which will shorten the lifespan of your bouquets.

“Shady or cooler spots in the room can sometimes work well, but it really depends on the type of environment your blooms are likely to thrive in so always check the care instructions for advice on environment placement too.”

As with all plants, cut flowers need water to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Mr Vorkapic said: “I would recommend changing the water every few days to keep your fresh flowers blooming bright, if its particularly warm change as often as one to two days.

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“The warm weather can encourage some bacteria to spread, which can be damaging to your bouquet, so make sure you’re also removing any fallen leaves that may have got caught in the vase to avoid this as much as possible as well. “

For even longer-lasting displays, the Florward expert recommended adding a few dried flowers to your bouquet.

He told Express.co.uk: “You don’t always need the stand-out blooms in your summer vase displays either.

“Try fillers such as fresh Lavender and thistle that can add a variety to your bouquet and make them less vulnerable to the heat.”

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