World Paella Day is here and we've got the original paella recipe

We don’t need a special day to enjoy a delicious paella, but seen as today is in fact, Paella Day, it only seems right that we tuck into the traditional Spanish dish.

Valencian’s celebrate International Paella Day as it coincides with the rice harvest – the base of this famous dish.

But they’re not eating the rice dish packed full of seafood that you might have tried before.

The Valencian way – which is believed to be the original recipe – is actually made using rabbit and chicken.

Each Paella Day, in the Marina de Valencia, ten chefs from different parts of the world compete every year to win the prize for the best paella in the world.

And it’s not just Valencia that celebrate this dish with cities across the globe, including Mumbai, Toronto and Helsinki all taking part.

But you don’t need to fly to Spain to get your fill, you can join the cook-off in the comfort of your own kitchen from Arros QD – the only restaurant in Europe outside of Spain that’s been awarded the coveted ‘Cullera de Fusta’ – the highest award for paella.

So dust off your apron, grab a tinto de verano and try it out.


  • 200g Bomba rice
  • 1.2ltr Veal and herbs stock 50g Tomato sofrito
  • 30g Sofrito oil
  • 100g Chicken wings
  • 100g Rabbit
  • 50g Runner beans
  • 60g Butter beans (garrofó) 30g Artichoke


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