Woman shows we’ve been spreading butter wrong with clever technique

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Picture the scene: you’re sat in a cafe for breakfast and you’re served up a delicious-looking fry-up with a generous portion of toast, only to clap eyes on the near-frozen portions of butter.

With the toast lukewarm by the time it reaches the table, you’re faced with the nigh-impossible task of scraping the solid spread across the toast – usually mangling the bread beyond recognition and leaving you with unevenly-spread clumps of butter. Nightmare.

Well, one Instagrammer has churned up debate after showing their unique method of spreading butter – and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

@the_yukistar’s 20-second reel shows a woman piercing a pack of butter with a fork, before then squeezing the wrapper to push the butter through the holes like some kind of string cheese – making the butter thinner and easier to spread.

Some users were quick to point out the difficulties associated with the unusual method. 

As one person pointed out: “Great idea, although I find they’re normally colder and harder than a glacier.”

A second wrote: “That would be great but most hotels and restaurants give you the butter so cold that I doubt you’d be able to do this. Love to try it though.”

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“But it wastes a lot of what’s inside,” commented another. “No. Can’t let butter waste.”

“Who has that much butter?” asked one user.

However, some users seemed keen to try the innovative approach. As one person wrote: “I’ll be trying this. So many negative comments about a butter hack. If you don’t like it, don’t try it!”

“Interesting to see that not all butter in hotels and restaurants is made of marble,” added another. “You live and learn!”

A different user commented, “Good idea! I rather do this but put a little less butter. Less work than using the butter knife.”

Someone even shared their own nugget of wisdom, writing: “For all negative commenters that have issue with their butter being too stiff/hard, try this hack: put the butter (still wrapped) under a cup of coffee you’re brewing. In a minute or two it’ll get soft.”

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