Woman shares clever hack to ripen hard avocados in just 24 hours

Avocados are life.

From breakfast to lunch to even dinner, those little balls of green bring such joy.

However, a hard and unripened avocado can ruin your day.

Thankfully, one health and wellness guru has found a way to ripen a hard avocado in just 24 hours.

Danish-Australian Instagrammer Caroline Groth wowed thousands after sharing the ‘life-changing’ hack on her social channels.

In a clip, she places a hard avocado in a paper bag with a kiwi fruit to soften it.  

‘Guys, Green Skin + Shepard Avocado season means I legit need a spreadsheet to keep track of when I’ll have avocados to eat because they take foreeeeeeeever to ripen. But no more… insert the best 101 life hack ever,’ she wrote in the caption. 

Storing the avocado in a paper bag with a kiwi fruit apparently ‘releases ethylene gas’ which is a major plant hormone released to induce ripening.

‘The paper bag traps the gas so the process works faster meaning you’ll have ripe avocados in 24 hours,’ she added. 

Caroline’s hack comes at a good time as it is currently Shepard avocado season. This type is notoriously harder to ripen than the Australian favourite variety Haas.

Those in the comments were very thankful to Caroline for sharing the method.

‘This is life changing!!! Thank you,’ commented one user.

Meanwhile, others were sharing their failsafe avocado ripening hacks too.

‘I have a hack for your hack. Only gently press the top of the avocado to see if it’s ripe, not the sides. Pushing on the sides will bruise it,’ one viewer recommended.

‘While another added: ‘It also works with banana in a brown paper bag.’

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