WATCH: Taste of Dublin – Bad weather fails to spoil opening day of food festival

The rain and cold did not dampen the spirits at the first day of Taste of Dublin, the food and drink festival at Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens.

Punters and vendors were full of praise for the changes implemented at this year’s festival.

The organizers had tried to make Taste of Dublin more accessible to a wider audience by offering cheaper food prices and introducing credit card payments instead of their own festival currency, the florins.

The changes were overall well received.

“It is much better than the last time I was here. It is just easier when you don’t have to get the Florins first and can use your card instead,”s aid Mary Hassett from Dublin, who was there friend Catherine Ward.

“The changes this year definitely make it a better experience. I’ve always found it very expensive in the past.”

Vendors and punters have been battling the cool temperatures and the occasional rain.

“The weather could be a bit better. We are hoping for some more sunshine but the festival has been great so far,” said Joe Moruzzi from Pleesecakes in London.

“Dublin just has friendly people and they have a great staff here. I am excited to try some of the other food from the other stands.”

Trevor Steedman and his wife of 44 years Pauline, are experienced veterans of the festival and enjoyed this year just as much as previous years.

“It’s so lovely! The Indian Restaurant Pickle was our highlight so far. It was extremely good. There could be a few more Irish restaurants at the festival but other than that, it’s very good,” said Mr Steedman.

He added: “The Florins were always a bad idea. It’s much better to be able to tap your card to pay now.”

His wife loved the festival as well but said that sometimes portions were “just a bit small for the price” and therefore “not always great value.”

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