Walkers to launch brand new Quavers flavour in over 20 years

Walkers’ Quavers are the iconic light and curly snacks that all British crisp fanatics are able to recognise a mile away. The company is now introducing a brand new crisp flavour, which will be hitting stores next week.

Launching on Monday, March 6 in selected supermarkets, the new flavour will be the first new variation to join the Quavers line in a huge 21 years.

The other Quavers flavours are Cheese, Retro Prawn Cocktail, and Salt and Vinegar, with the former being the most popular and long-term option.

Featuring the same light and melty texture as regular Quavers, the new flavour is Barbecue Sauce.

The crisps will be tangy, sweet, and full of flavour.

This is the first time Walkers will have introduced a new Quavers flavour in 21 years – even the Prawn Cocktail and Salt and Vinegar flavours date back to the 1990s.

Walkers brought back these retro flavours in 2021, but they do not often appear on supermarket shelves.

Over the years, Walkers has been asked by fans on social media to introduce other flavours, which the brand had not attempted until now.

Back in 2020, Twitter user @Natejohn1990 wrote: “Bring out a new flavour of Quavers please.”

A few years prior, user @JacklinAmber said: “There needs to be a new flavour of Quavers.”

User @eharty9 added: “Go on Quavers I dare you to make a new flavour.”

Next Monday, Quavers’ fans’ demands will be met.

Katherine Cook, Walkers’ marketing manager, commented on the new launch: “We are a nation of BBQ lovers with over half of Brits revealing the BBQ flavour can be reminiscent of special times when friends and family come together.

“We’re so excited to launch the first ever BBQ Sauce Quavers edition.

“BBQ Sauce is immensely popular, not only within the Walkers community, but for a huge array of people across the UK.

“This delicious new flavour combined with our melty, light Quavers curls is sure to get the nation’s tastebuds tingling.

“Plus, look out for new, refreshed packaging across the whole Quavers range – a modern upgrade for a much-loved snack brand.”

The new Quavers flavour will be available to buy in Asda supermarkets from March 6.

It will then be rolled out across all supermarkets nationwide from April 6, 2023.

This latest edition will cost £1 for a single grab bag, 34g in size, £1.25 for a 54g bag, and £1.75 for a multi-pack of six.

Before the BBQ Sauce flavour, the last Quavers flavour to launch was Streaky Bacon in August 2002.

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