Valerie Bertinelli Just Shared a One-pan Chicken Recipe That’s as Cost Effective as It Is Delicious

Chicken is a staple in my house — it’s juicy, flavorful, and versatile. But it can get costly with the price of groceries going up, especially if you have a big family to feed. That’s why we love Valerie Bertinelli’s latest one-pan chicken recipe. It’s packed with delicious spices, easy to whip together, and cost effective (win-win-win!).

“Valerie roasts her seared chicken with pearl onions, baby bella mushrooms and tangy honey mustard for an easy and flavorful dinner!” her recipe was captioned on Food Network’s YouTube page. The One-Pan Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs recipe uses an inexpensive cut of chicken to provide just as much flavor at a better price for your budget.

Bertinelli starts by searing the chicken in an oven-safe pan. “This is the thing I love about this recipe,” Bertinelli says in her demonstration. “You start it on the stovetop, get the skin nice and crispy, then get it in the oven and everything cooks together — the veggies, the chicken, and taste delish!” We can practically smell the simmering dinner through the screen!

She recommends using bone-in chicken thighs, “as the bone really adds more flavor.” Bertinelli adds, “And honestly, it’s less expensive.” That’s good enough for us!

After cooking the chicken, Bertinelli adds honey mustard sauce, mushrooms, pearl onions, and other ingredients to make a tangy and delicious sauce. Then, she puts the entire pan in the oven to finish baking, making it dinner and clean-up a breeze.

“A whole meal in one pan,” Bertinelli says. “All those veggies, that yummy chicken — looks good enough to eat!”

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