TikTok hack claims to prevent kitchen food spills, goes viral

This simple tip will save your kitchen from spills. 

Picture this: Your counter sticky with spilled food. Your dishes caked with drippy residue. Somewhere, an infomercial of your plight plays.

Well, you'll no longer have to struggle with these issues when cooking, thanks to a TikTok video which extolls the virtues of basic physics in the kitchen.

TikTok user Andrew Gatt has recently gone viral with a video demonstrating how home cooks can avoid kitchen spills after pouring food into another vessel.

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To demonstrate the pouring pitfalls, Gatt showed himself pouring scrambled eggs from a bowl into a skillet. He then points to the runoff spilling over the lip of the bowl, which continues to drip.

Gatt, who tipped the bowl to his left, explains if he tips it back to the right — as most people normally would when pouring — “it’s going to drip” on his counter.

However! In a moment of brilliance, Gatt continues turning the bowl to the left, allowing physics to kick in, and the drippings to fall back into the bowl — and not on the counter, or whatever surface is below.

“How old were you when you learned this life hack?” Gatt writes on the video.

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times and has nearly 50,000 likes from, assuming, eager kitchen novices.

Now his video can join the pantheon of “mind-blowing” kitchen hacks, like these little-known egg-cooking tricks, or this mom’s “perfect” cheese-cutting technique.

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