This is officially the UK's favourite sandwich


What’s your go-to sarnie for a picnic?

Do you go classic with a ham and cheese, or something more devise like an egg salad – or maybe you like something a bit more modern, with pastrami and pickles?

Well, turns out it’s the ploughman’s cheese sandwich that is top of the list for Brits.

Ahead of British Sandwich Week, May 22-28, Costa Coffee and M&S teamed up to poll 2,000 British adults to reveal the nation’s top 10 most loved sandwiches.

Taking the top spot for Brits most sought-after sarnie is the popular ploughman’s cheese with 12% of the vote.

It’s no wonder it’s a popular choice. A typical ploughman’s has a bit of everything. Inspired by the classic British meat and cheese platter, it’s usually loaded with thick cut ham, cheddar, pickle, mustard and lettuce between two slices of white bread. 

But there are variations. For example, if you pick up a ploughman’s from Tesco you’ll find cheddar, plum tomatoes, lettuce and pickle – but no ham. Other versions also include boiled eggs. So you can clearly add a bit of your own twist to the ploughman’s.

Next on the top ten list was the more humble ham and cheese, with 7% of the vote, and in third place the classic roast chicken and stuffing, also with 7%.

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