This impressive olive oil goes with everything from martinis to ice cream

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If you thought you couldn’t possibly up your olive oil game any more, we may have found you a drop that is way more bougie (and sustainable) than your regular supermarket offering.

With a bottle that looks more at home on your bar cart than in your cupboard, we’re obsessed with the story of Citizens Of Soil, which is an extra virgin olive oil brand with a twist.

And against all our natural urges to reach for the cheapest, easiest bottle on the supermarket shelf, we can’t go past this one.

In the wise words of Shakira, this may be the Rolex in a sea of Casio olive oils. Or something like that…

You see, the brand is an ethical hun, which champions sustainable, small-batch and flavourful offerings, with its November 2022 harvest direct from Crete. And being a small-scale operation, the taste is totally unique and representative of the people and land from which it comes.

To go a little business on you, the aim of Citizens Of Soil is to represent the people and places the oil originates from, with the company sourcing from female farmers who practise regenerative agriculture on their groves – and we love a sustainable icon that also champions the ladies.

While you may not think of your olive oil as a real MVP, it also goes a little further than a simple swirl on a meal or drizzle over a salad.

Yes, Citizen Of Soil says its olive oil can be used on pasta, rice, ice cream and, get this, in a martini. Consider us both shaken and stirred.

The fact that it costs the same amount as a (good) bottle of wine may put off some punters, but, as many tastemakers will argue, good quality olive oil can make a real difference to meals, should your budget allow.

The oils themselves come in a reusable, 500ml burgundy bottle, or as a monthly subscription, if you simply have too much to think about on top of restocking your olive oil reserves, in a pouch that slides through your letterbox.

For those who thrive on the culinary notes, on the nose the drop smells like fresh-cut grass with flavours of banana and tomato leaf with an avocado bit coming through with a slightly peppery finish.

It’s recommended to be a great pairing with carbs (as are we, to be honest), like rice and potatoes, while this time of year roasted veg and beans also go hand in hand. In the summer, it’s all about tomato salads and pizzas while the brand insists the olive oil is downright delish in a martini and quite simply the ‘best thing ever’ on ice cream. Suppose that’ll be our summer staple, right?

In the grand scheme of things, the drop is an investment, with a single bottle of oil setting you back £17.50. Keep in mind, though, that if you subscribe, a refill pouch comes in at £13.50.

Check out the story of Citizens Of Soil and buy direct from the site here.

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