This garlic bread lasagne is comfort food made easy

What is your ultimate comfort food? 

Is it a hearty bowl of soup? A greasy pizza? Or maybe a simple cup of tea and a chocolate bar?

For some, it’s a delicious lasagne with a side of garlic bread. A cookery classic, it is a perfect mix of carbs and cheesy goodness. 

Now, the main and side have come together to create a new delectable dish. 

Introducing garlic bread lasagne, a meal to make the coldest and darkest of lights a little bit warmer and brighter. 

Thankfully, the recipe is simple to make. 

TikTok user @foodmadesimple shared the creation on the app in a clip that has been viewed over 70,000 times. 

The dish uses much of the same method as normal lasagne except the pasta sheets are replaced with garlic bread. 

To begin, bake garlic bread slices in your oven. When cooked, roll them flat with a rolling pin and place them in a deep ovenproof dish. 

After one layer, spoon either your vegetarian or meat tomato sauce over the bread pieces. Add a considerable amount of cheese and repeat the layering process. 

Finally, pop into the oven and bake until the cheese is fully melted. 

Those in the comments were quick to voice their joy at the recipe. 

‘You’re onto something here,’ wrote one user. 

‘I tried this for dinner today, it was an absolute hit with my family,’ commented another. 

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Meanwhile, Food Made Simple has a varied range of recipes for viewers to try.

Another of the page’s popular recipes is fajita cheese on toast. 

Simply top a slice of toast with avocado, sour cream, salsa, chicken, melted cheese, jalapeños and voilà, you have a tasty lunch snack to enjoy. 

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