The Ina Garten Soup Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Sometimes, the best antidote to a cold, winter’s day is a piping-hot bowl filled to the brim with thick tomato soup, and within arm’s reach, a perfectly grilled, buttery-brown, cheddar-oozing grilled cheese sandwich — cut diagonally, of course. And when we say “sometimes,” we mean we would eat it every single day if we could. But alas, you have to take a break some time, and there are no better soup recipes to intersperse into your rotation than Ina Garten’s soup recipes.

The Barefoot Contessa star and chef’s No. 1 culinary strength is creating and perfecting approachable, flavorful dishes, and her twists on our favorite comfort food dishes — tomato soup included — have quickly become our go-to recipes. Take, for instance, her corn chowder recipe: Sure, it has the usual suspects, including corn, potatoes, and celery, but Garten’s recipe punches up the flavor with one-quarter pound of bacon and more than four pounds of lobster. See what we mean?

Ahead, we’ve gathered all of our favorite Garten soup recipes (she has nearly 50 of them!), all of which are guaranteed to keep you warm this freezing, frigid winter.

Lobster corn chowder

Pounds of lobster, heavy cream, three ears of born, and whole milk: It doesn’t get more indulgent than this lobster corn chowder.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Tomato & eggplant soup

This tomato and eggplant soup is much easier to make than it looks, with the most difficult part being gathering all 15 ingredients this recipe calls for.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Butternut squash & apple soup

According to Garten’s site, she’s been making this soup for decades — so you know she’s perfected this recipe that calls for puréeing squash and apples in a food processor.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons

This beginner-level recipe may feed four to six people, but you’ll want to selfishly have the leftovers for yourself.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Chicken soup with matzo balls

This chicken soup with matzo balls recipe not only serves 10, but it’ll leave you with extra to freeze for later.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Winter minestrone & garlic bruschetta

This winter minestrone is swimming with pancetta, pasta, and plenty of veggies, like yellow onions, carrots, butternut squash, and tomatoes.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Roasted tomato basil soup

Garten’s roasted tomato basil soup is so popular and well-loved, it has more than 400 reviews and a five-star rating on Food Network’s website. Carve out a couple of hours to make this soup, though; it takes nearly two hours, including cooking time.

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Cream of wild mushroom soup

This hearty soup is chock-full of three types of fresh mushrooms, shiitake, cremini, and portobello.

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Seafood chowder

Another popular recipe, Garten’s seafood chowder features shrimp, scallops, monkfish, and crabmeat.

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Mexican chicken soup

We can practically smell the chicken stock and jalapeños and garlic cloves and — *wipes drool* — pass the sour cream.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Shrimp bisque

Grab a fresh bottle of brandy because you’ll need it for this shrimp bisque.

Get the recipe at Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart.

Roasted potato leek soup

Two pounds of Yukon gold potatoes and four cups of chopped leeks later, among other ingredients, and you have yourself a warm bowl of roasted potato leek soup.

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Parker’s split pea soup

Surprisingly, this split pea soup takes just 10 minutes of prep time.

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