Starbucks's New Rainbow Tumbler Is, Without a Doubt, 1 of the Cutest Ways to Celebrate Pride

The ‘gram-worthy Starbucks tumblers just keep comin’! After practically breaking the internet with its color-changing cold cups and rose gold rhinestone tumblers, Starbucks debuted a gorgeous rainbow drinking vessel to kick off Pride’s 50th anniversary. Now available for a limited time, the $17 iridescent cup features stripes with every color of the spectrum and the word “LOVE” in giant text, complete with a white straw and lid.

Judging by the fact that these technicolor, 24-fluid-ounce tumblers are already getting resold (at way higher prices) on websites like Mercari and eBay, it’s safe to say they’re a huge hit with Starbucks customers who are here for its inclusive and environmentally friendly message. Now, please excuse me while I sprint to Starbucks to snag one for myself!

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