Salt Bae is back in London slicing up avocados in his over-the-top fashion

Salt Bae has returned to the capital after departing late last year to open a new restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

The Turkish chef and butcher – who goes by the name of Nusret Gökçe in real-life – is back at his London restaurant that’s attracted all kinds of attention over recent months.

Firstly, for the 24-carat gold-leaf steak (priced at more than £700), then for ‘deleting’ bad reviews and again for hiring chefs at the same hourly wage as mashed potato on his menu.

Now it seems the meme sensation is back with a bang after a short hiatus – but his star ingredient isn’t in the spotlight.

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Salt Bae has been snapped slicing up avocado instead of steak – but still in his signature over-the-top fashion.

He was captured on film lining up a row of four avocados before cutting them horizontally with a single slice – using a pretty hefty knife.

In another recent clip, he prepares the Yeni Nesil – what he calls a ‘new generation’ Burger – which features steak, a burger bun and cheese.

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He first preps the steak and cuts out the middle of the bun for the meat to go in. Then he pours molten cheese into the bun and pops the steak in, before cutting it in half.

The burger itself sort of resembles an avocado, with a surprise steak ‘stone’ in the middle – perhaps why the chef is promoting it with a hashtag of the stone fruit.

Since his return to the capital, Salt Bae has been sharing lots on his social media – posing in different London locations and tagging his UK steakhouse.

One post of himself is captioned: ‘London’s new icon 2022.’

Since its launch last September, Salt Bae’s Knightsbridge restaurant has become known for its eye-watering prices – with a menu featuring a £850 golden steak and a £100 gold burger.

Diners have also claimed they were hurried through their booking by Nusr-Et staff – with one table saying they were given a ‘30-minute warning’ to finish their meal.

And – considering the menu’s high price points – it’s hardly surprising customers found the quick-turnaround policy slightly hard to stomach.

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