Restaurant for throuples to open just for Valentine's Day

Three doesn’t have to be a crowd.

From today, throuples can book a table at a restaurant in Shoreditch, London for Valentine’s Day – showing that all kinds of romantic relationships are acceptable.

Hosted by LELO, the sexual wellness brand, groups of three will have the chance to dine among other throuples in a celebratory way – without any judgement.

It’s usually a day flooded with tables for two, but this polyamorous restaurant is set to ‘break down the taboo surrounding three-person relationships and other non-monogamous love’.

Guests will be able to enjoy a free three-course meal and drinks, making the deal even sweeter.

The launch of the restaurant experience follows a recent survey by the brand highlighting that 28% of Brits would consider entering a polyamorous relationship.

Meanwhile 38% of 18-24-year-olds say the idea of a polyamorous relationship would tick their intimacy needs.

However, just 0.5% of people define their relationship status as non-monogamous – perhaps due to the taboo surrounding it.

The pop-up venue will be aptly named Throuple, but four-way and five-way relationships are welcome too.

Sorry monogamous couples, this is the only spot in town that’s not for you.

LELO say they are ‘encouraging people to embrace the freedom of being able to choose a relationship style that works for them and not feel restricted by the social norm of monogamy.’

‘The brand is opening Throuple to create a safe space for people in polyamorous relationships, so they can enjoy a romantic night out with their significant others without having to worry about people questioning the additional seat or seats.’

Sex and relationship expert Kate Moyle says: ‘Narratives, conversations, information and education are changing away from a “one-size fits all” model of sex and relationships to a more inclusive and curious one.

‘We are seeing this reflected in the statistics showing that people are being more explorative and open to trying ethical non-monogamy relationship models.

‘The sexual wellness movement is encouraging people to find what’s right for them, which may lie outside of the relationship model that they previously felt that they had to subscribe to.

‘As we read, learn, listen, talk and educate more and integrate and normalise ideas about sex and relationships taking different shapes into our lives, then we gradually move towards a place of greater acceptance.’

To make a reservation you can book here.

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