Rachael Ray’s delicious pot roast recipe

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Rachael Ray has a recipe for making a “very simple” beef pot roast that is also budget-friendly. The chef and television personality explained that her dish can serve around eight to 20 people, so it is perfect as a weekend dinner that the whole family can enjoy. 

Rachael began her demonstration by preheating the oven to 325 Fahrenheit and then bringing a pot to heat over a stove with olive oil. She then brought out her beef, and said: “I have a chuck roast here that’s about two and a half to three inches thick and four pounds in weight.”

The meat should be seasoned with salt and pepper and then brought to the pot to be browned evenly, which should take around 10 minutes.

The chef said: “Every side, every surface of the meat should be evenly browned in a little olive oil. Once we take the meat out, once it gets that beautiful crust, we’re gonna turn the heat back a bit.”

After the meat is removed and put on a platter, Rachael then added “a few tablespoons of butter” to the bottom of the pot. Her next step was to throw in a bundle of herbs, which can be completely up to you, but Rachael used parsley, thyme, rosemary, and a couple of fresh bay leaves.

The chef then added a few whole bulbs of garlic to the pot and said: “Just cut the ends off and you can mush the garlic out when cooked and mix it into the sauce, delicious.”

Rachael added her vegetables, the “usual suspects” seen at a roast dinner, chopped carrots, celery, and onions but added that she was going to “throw in some parsnips too.”

The next stage was to get the “vegetables to sweat” and Rachael explained that it was important to salt the vegetables “liberally” in order to draw out their liquids and their natural sugars and then she added some pepper.

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 She then reduce the heat to medium and partially covered the pot for 12 to 15 minutes to soften the vegetables but said it was important to stir the mixture occasionally.  Once the vegetables looked ready, and Rachael said that were now “giving off their natural juices”, the next step was to stir in a few tablespoons of tomato paste from a tube.

Rachael then added “good Italian red wine” to the pot but said any “fairly dry red” will do and also added stock as well. She then slid the meat back into the pot and popped it into the preheated oven and cooked it between two or three and a half hours. 

The chef said it should cook “until the meat is very tender, and when you poke it with a fork it should literally start to pull apart on you. 

Rachael also suggested that the roast could be served with “big thick-cut” potatoes with more rosemary, crushed garlic salt and pepper Once everything had been cooked and taken out of the oven, Rachael showed off her “beautiful” roast,  which gained much applause from the audience. 

The chef said it was important to let the meat rest for “just long enough” so that you can pick it up and handle it. 

She then curved the roast and put all of the meat and potatoes onto one big platter, and then squished the garlic into the pot with the vegetables to make a delicious sauce. 

People in the comments said the recipe looked “mouth-watering” and people commented that they had made the pot roast a number of times.

One happy cook in the comment section wrote: “I really love this recipe this is like my third or fourth time making the Tuscan roast, My husband and enjoyed it, likes most of your recipes. Thank you, Rachael!”

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