Quality Street ditch famous bright plastic wrappers to be more eco-friendly

Christmas is going to be a little different this year – as one of our go-to festive favourites will have a brand new look.

Quality Street chocolates will be losing their famous plastic wrappers over the coming weeks, in a bid to go green.

Instead, the chocolates will be wrapped in waxed paper, to ensure the packaging is recyclable.

The removal of the see-through plastic packaging will end 86 years of tradition – but will help reduce the two billion sweet wrappers that currently head to landfill every year.

Nine of the 11 chocolates will undergo the makeover, but the two sweets that just use foil (the Orange Crunch and the Green Triangle) are set to remain the same.

However, this change will not happen all at once – in fact, it will take several months to complete. 

As a result, chocolate lovers will find a mix of both the old and new wrappers in their Christmas Quality Street cartons, pouches, tubs, and tins.

But fear not, it seems the chocolates will still have the same coloured wrappers to represent their different flavours – so hazelnut will be purple and fudge will be pink etc.

Nestle has revealed that KitKats will also be getting an eco-friendly makeover – with wrappers made of 80% recycled plastic.

Cheryl Allen, the head of sustainability at Nestle, says the company took a lot of deliberation over the decision.

She said: ‘Quality Street is a brand that people feel very strongly about.

‘We know that opening the lid and seeing “the jewels”, as we call them, is really important.

‘We think we’ve done a really good job with the redesign, and feel confident that people will respond positively.’

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