People in awe of ‘game-changing’ technique to drain pasta

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With the cost of living crisis biting hard, pasta is a go-to dish for many households as it is cheap and easy to make.

But did you know there is a part of the preparation that many are doing wrong?


When it comes to straining the pasta, there is a simple trick that makes it easier and less time-consuming to do, and it is blowing people’s minds.

The TikTok account @tiger_lee_uk, which boasts over 52,000 followers and posts a variety of life hacks, shared the discovery in a video that has surpassed 436,000 likes.

After sharing the clever trick, TikTokers were left gushing over the “awesome” and alternative method that makes cooking a breeze, reports The Mirror.

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The clip encourages people to forget all the methods they previously relied upon when straining pasta.

While the most common method typically sees people placing the colander in the sink and simply pouring the pasta inside, the new way uses a far different method and also eliminates the hassle of transferring pasta between pans and the colander.

Captioning their post, the TikToker wrote: “We learn new things every day.”

The video shows someone straining their pasta, with the viral TikTok sound playing in the background, which says: “Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day and is now an unconscious standard practice in your life.”

The method encourages those cooking to hold the colander against the pan and pour the water out in one swift movement, rather than holding the pan at an angle and pouring the water through it.

Flocking to the comment section after viewing the clip, users were in disbelief after discovering the handy tip, while others claimed to have sworn by it for years.

“Awesome,” one gushed.

A second exclaimed: “WOW.”

Meanwhile, a different user wrote: “That’s how you are meant to use it.”

“My mum taught me that,” another added.

Someone else questioned: “I thought everyone did that?”

Another TikToker penned: “My dad always do [sic] this even when I didn’t [sic] see this video.”

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