People are making doughnut cereal in lockdown

From banana bread to sourdough, lockdown has brought about a number of food trends.

Earlier this month, people were going crazy for pancake cereal, but it seems there’s a new delicious breakfast doing the rounds.

Doughnut cereal is the latest foodie trend sweeping social media.

Food influencers Shay and Steph – behind the TikTok account SoFloFooodie – shared not one but two different versions of the sugar-heavy breakfast for people to try at home.

In their first video, Shay and Steph demonstrate how to make mini chocolate and vanilla glazed doughnuts, topped with rainbow sprinkles.

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The pair mix self-raising flour and yogurt together to make a dough and roll it out.

Then they use small, circular cutters to form the shapes and a straw to punch holes in the middle of each one.

After, they fry the dough circles on each side for a few minutes until golden, before decorating using icing and sprinkles.

But to ensure there’s zero waste, they also incorporate the little doughnut holes in the cereal, too.

The second version features teeny tiny doughnuts which follow the same process on a smaller scale – but instead of adding the holes to the cereal (which are non-existent in this version), they supplement them with giant sprinkles.

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The duo also posted the videos on their Instagram account, but some followers were left unsure about the doughnut/cereal hybrid.

One replied: ‘The donuts look amazing, but you keep breaking my heart by adding the milk. Why mess with perfection? Why???’

Another added: ‘You lost me, when you started pouring milk on them. You’ll have to eat it quick. Or it’ll be soggy.’

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