Mum shares simple meal-prep involving 100 frozen breakfast sandwiches

An Oregon mum has shared a breakfast meal-prep routine that has proven divisive among commenters.

Amanda Ranit shared a quick video explaining her process to TikTok, showing how she makes around 100 McMuffin-esque sandwiches at a time.

The clip shows her filling a countertop’s worth of these sandwiches with cheese slices and frozen pre-cooked sausage patties.

Once the sandwiches are constructed, she bags them up and freezes them for up to three months, ready to thaw and air fry as-needed.

The text she’s got overlaying the video reads: ‘I get a lot of questions about how I make these breakfast sandwiches for my family.

‘I make about 100 sandwiches at a time.

‘Add your favourite sliced cheese. I prefer Tillamook habanero jack cheese but today my husband requested boring cheddar.

‘These ones are sausage. But they’re great with Canadian bacon too.’

When asked how much this all cost, Amanda replied in the comments: ‘I could probably do it A LOT cheaper if I didn’t use the tillamook cheese. It’s def more expensive.

‘These ones cost me about $1 [76p] each.’

#mealprep 🙌🏻 these save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them! I’m always getting questions about how I do these, so here you go

Many commenters liked Amanda’s routine, with one writing: ‘Woah did this blow up but it’s a great idea!!’

Another commented: ‘This is amazing!’

However other’s weren’t convinced, with one person writing: ‘They take all of 2 minutes to make anyway. Toast the muffin, nuke the sausage. Done’.

Another said: ‘You can literally do this in 30 seconds each morning. You’re putting a slice of cheese and a piece of sausage on an English muffin.’

To which Amanda replied: ‘But like. English muffins mould if I keep them in my pantry. And so does cheese. I’d rather not shop these items every week’

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