Martha Stewart's Easy Vegetarian Dinner Is the Ultimate Comfort Dish for the Holidays

Martha Stewart just saved our butts yet again with a delicious, hearty recipe that redefines how we see comfort food. And while we’re prepping to eat this for the holidays, we can hardly wait!

On Dec 3, Stewart uploaded a mouth-watering snapshot of a vegetarian meal we know everyone will want seconds of this holiday season. She posted the photo with the caption, “Looking to lighten up your go-to winter comfort food? Our Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, a riff on the popular British pub dish, swaps the usual meat for lentils. Similar in texture to ground meat, French green lentils hold their shape when they are cooked, and, with the right seasonings, results in a similar taste to beef. Get the recipe at the link in our bio. 📷: @kate_mathis.”

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We know, our mouths can’t stop watering. So for the beginner-friendly dish, you do need quite a few ingredients like extra-virgin olive oil, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, cremini mushrooms, green lentils, Yukon Gold potatoes, and peas, to name a few.

For a buffet-ready meal like this one, just be ready to stack up when it’s with the ingredients. But no worries, because this only takes a few steps (and less than three hours to cook and prep!)

You start by heating the oil in a medium pot, along with adding a bunch of the healthy ingredients. It’s a lot of adding and stirring, which can be a great activity to bring the whole family on. Within no time, you’ll be dolloping it with mashed potatoes in a way that’d make Gordon Ramsey proud.

Get Martha Stewart’s full Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie recipe here!

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