Man reveals how to make perfect pork crackling with a few household ingredients

With pubs closed and mixing of households banned, you might be missing out on your favourite pub roast.

But one man has revealed how he gets the perfect crackling finish on pork, so you could create a version at home.

The man, who posts as @Aussie_QBBQ on TikTok, showed how he uses a few store cupboard items to give the meat a crisp, golden finish.

He said you need to use boneless pork belly, then add salt, extra virgin olive oil and a meat rub.

The cook said: ‘This is how I do my perfect crackle that will crunch.’

He started by patting the pork belly dry with a kitchen towel, then he added table salt over the top – enough to cover the fat. He said this is the key thing to make the crackling.

He then popped it on a wire rack and left it inside the fridge overnight, which helps to dry out the skin and make it crispier when you cook it.

‘It’s why butchers hand their meat in the fridge as it will yield a better result,’ he explains.

The next day, he removed it from the fridge and quickly doused it in boiling water to get rid of any excess salt.

He placed it in a roasting tray, added a coating of extra virgin olive oil and massaged it into the meat.

He then covered the meat (but not the crackle) in his favourite meat rub, explaining that he usually uses his own blend but has bought a Lanes Maple pecan rub this time round.

For cooking, he recommended 70-80 minutes in the oven or on the BBQ at 180C.

‘Always rely on your food thermometer to gauge how done something is,’ he added.

‘I then reduce the temperature to around 170C when it starts to get crisp.’

Once the skin has crisped up, he left the meat to rest for at least 10 minutes.

He said the process boils down to a few simple things: ‘Long story short, get that skin as dry as possible, then hit it with some heat, then reduce once the crackle has set.’

People loved the look of the dish and were keen to try it at home.

One said: ‘This has been a game changer for me.’

Another added: ‘I am making this today! Yum.’

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