Krispy Kreme offering free Halloween doughnut to anyone who shows up in costume

Half a dozen things you didn’t know about doughnuts

Did you know there are actually two National Doughnut Days? Or that Emily Post issued rules on dunking? We’ve sorted through the Internet to find six of the tastiest facts you might not know about doughnuts.

We predict a sharp uptick in “guy who is hungry for a doughnut” costumes.

Krispy Kreme announced on Wednesday that anyone who visits a participating location on Oct. 31 while wearing a Halloween costume will be entitled to a free doughnut of their choice.

It’s not an entirely new promotion for Krispy Kreme — they’ve offered the same deal in the past — but this year, the chain is throwing in another sweet promotion, completely new for 2020: “Sweet or Treat Saturdays.”

During “Sweet or Treat Saturdays” between Oct. 10 and Halloween, customers who purchase a dozen doughnuts can buy an additional dozen for just $1, “to give to family, friends or neighbors” in the spirit of the socially-distanced season.

“This Halloween, we're trading scary for sweet and helping fans create new ways to safely enjoy the season,” said Dave Skena, the chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme, in a press release. “Instead of asking for sweet treats, let’s give them away to all the neighbors, family and friends we appreciate so much. It’s not a normal Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a sweet one.”

On Saturdays between Oct. 10 and Halloween, Krispy Kreme is offering $1 dozens to anyone who first purchases a dozen doughnuts at regular price, "to give to family, friends or neighbors." 
(Krispy Kreme)


In honor of the not-so-normal season, Krispy Kreme is also debuting new Scary Sweet Monster Doughnuts, including: the Frank Monster Doughnut, decorated like Frankenstein (complete with pretzel “bolts” and filled with Original Kreme; the Drake Monster Doughnut, modeled after Dracula and filled with raspberry filling; and the Wolfie Monster Doughnut, a werewolf-style doughnut with chocolate icing and chocolate Kreme.

The chain's regular, non-frightening doughnuts will also presumably be available this October as well.

But who wants those when you can have this Dracu-nut!
(Krispy Kreme)


Of course, if doughnuts aren't your thing, Americans are still more than welcome to sit on their own couches and eat all the fun-size chocolate bars they purchased with no real intention of ever giving them to trick-or-treaters, which is apparently what most of us are doing this year.

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