Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez End Their 10-Day Challenge with Epic Feast: 'Worth the Wait'

It has been a successful no-sugar, no-carb cleanse for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, and they’re celebrating how any human would: by eating it all!

After 10 days of commitment to the strict eating plan, the couple went all out on Thursday night with a feast that ran the gamut of tastiness: fried and sweet plantains, steak, rice, Brussels sprouts and more, as shown on Lopez’s Instagram story. She wrote over one photo of the impressive meal, “Worth the wait.”

Photos and videos on Rodriguez’s account showed the retired baseball star, 43, chowing down while seated in front of a carb lover’s dream spread: pizza, French fries, chicken wings and a variety of sweets. Hilariously, Rodriguez soundtracked one of his Instagram story photos with Trey Songz‘ “Dive In.”

“Jennifer! Please tell Hoda [Kotb], baby: It’s finally over. It is finally over!” Rodriguez proclaims joyfully in one clip before popping a fry in his mouth. “Get Michael Strahan on line two.”

An adorable second clip sees the Yankees great speaking in Spanish to someone off camera — through a mouthful of delicious pizza.

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On Jan. 24, Rodriguez and the singer challenged Leah Remini, producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Today co-host Kotb to not eat carbs or sugar for 10 days — a dare Kotb, 54, and Strahan, 47, enthusiastically took on. (As did Carson Daly, but he gave up after less than a day.)

Kotb told Lopez, who called in to the Today show on Friday, that she could “feel Sunday coming already” and how she’s “envisioning exactly what I’m gonna inhale” in terms of food.

The World of Dance judge admitted that when her challenge ended, she had three bites of oatmeal and felt “done” because much of her cravings had gone away over the course of the 10 days and “you just can’t fit as much down.”

On the flip side, “Alex went crazy,” Lopez joked. “I was dreaming about what I was gonna eat, but the truth is you get to a point where you can’t fit that much down after you remove that much of the carbs because that’s really what bloats you and gives you all that inflammation.”

Lopez, 49, explained that she would be “eating normal” for five days before taking on the challenge for a second round since it has made her feel so good.

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The biggest thing she learned over the last week and a half? “Just how [different] taking sugar out of your diet not only makes you feel, but what it does to your body,” the Selena actress shared, complimenting Kotb on her physique.

“She looks good but she had a couple grouchy days, J. Lo. You don’t have to live with her,” joked co-host Savannah Guthrie, crossing her arms in mock disapproval.

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