Ina Garten's Freezer Is Full of Items You Can Buy at BJ's

When we’re in a cooking rut or need baking advice, there’s only one person we turn to: Ina Garten. She is a culinary goddess and we are always inspired by her creative and flavorful recipes. Today, she shared something on Instagram we’ve been dying to see: a look inside her freezer. She’s been blowing up our Instagram feeds lately with all sorts of amazing dishes you can prepare with pantry staples and frozen goodies (since we’re all staying home and avoiding grocery stores) but it’s her latest post that really has us excited because a couple of the items are available to purchase at BJ’s — one of our favorite wholesale retailers.

The first product we spotted was Talenti Gelato. When we’re craving a super indulgent dessert experience, a jar of Talenti is the first thing we reach for and luckily, you can snag a jar at BJ’s for less than $6.

Next, we spotted one of our go-to smoothie ingredients: Wyman’s frozen blueberries. If you aren’t into smoothies, these are also great for blueberry pancakes or overnight oats.

As we can see, Ina keeps plenty of homemade stock in her freezer but it looks like she may have some frozen cookie dough next to some of that stock on the bottom shelf? It could also be biscuits,— we’re not entirely sure but I bet whatever it is tastes delicious.

There are also two large containers of tortelloni in her freezer. Hopefully, she will share how she plans to use all of that gorgeous pasta in the coming days. In the meantime, we’ll continue trying all of her bread recipes and maybe we’ll even try making the best Ina Garten recipe based on our zodiac sign.

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