Ina Garten's 12 Best Soups & Stews to Keep You Warm This Fall & Winter

Ina Garten loves her soups. So much so, the Barefoot Contessa host opened up to Costco Connection magazine a couple years ago about how she enjoys a warm, hearty bowl of soup for breakfast. So, it should come as no surprise that our Culinary Queen is armed with a slew of tasty soup recipes. (In fact, according to Garten’s website, she has over 50 soup recipes.)

“She’s known for her perfect roast chicken, but she also makes a pretty mean and soul-satisfying soup,” Trent Pheifer of Store Bought Is Fine told The Kitchn. “Her varied options are perfect for any season or occasion, whether it’s her refreshing summertime gazpacho or her hearty minestrone to keep you warm in the depths of winter.”

Want a lighter, broth-based soup to simply whet your appetite? She has plenty. Or, want to do it the Garten way and start your day with a thick, creamy chowder with all the breakfast fixings? You better believe her recipes are *chef’s kiss*.

“It just makes you feel good, no matter when you’re having it,” Garten told the Costco Connection of her love for soup.

Speaking of rich, decadent meals, Garten’s stews are also top-notch. If soup isn’t what you’re stomach’s craving, then take it one step further with a chunky, meat and/or veggie-filled stew, like Garten’s beef bourguignon and coq au vin.

Ahead, take a look at our favorite Garten soup and stew recipes.

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