‘I tried more than 10 methods to make the perfect poached eggs’ and…

Frankie Bridge shares her hack for ‘perfect poached eggs’

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A food expert and content creator with more than 720K followers on TikTok has told her fans she found the best method to make poached eggs. Winner of Netflix’s Crazy Delicious, Samira Kazan said: “I tried more than 10 methods to make the perfect poached eggs and this is the most stable one.”

She added the hack means there is no need to use very fresh eggs, adding “any eggs work” for this recipe. So how does she do it? First, Samira cracks an egg into a strainer. This removes any loose whites from the egg.

Then, Samira puts a hot temperature-safe cup into the water and pours the egg into the cup.

Then, the egg cooks in the cup perfectly. Once cooked, she removes the bowl carefully with a strainer and then tips it gently onto a paper towel to dry.

She explained: “I dropped just a small cup so the eggs don’t go everywhere, like what normally happens when eggs aren’t coming immediately from the chicken.”

Fans were quick to praise the hack, “this is genius” one wrote. However, not all were convinced.

A few suggested simply putting the cup and the egg in the microwave. One said: “Put it in a cup then the microwave.”

Another suggested: “You can just -get a cup of water (room temperature) -crack an egg into the cup. Put a plate over the cup with the egg in, and put it in the microwave for 45sec.”

Another said: “Egg in boiling water in a cup in the microwave for 40 seconds for anyone that wants it easier.”

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Others suggested using vinegar the traditional way. One said: “Teaspoon of vinegar and drop the eggs from the surface of the water that’s all you need.”

“No,” another said, “just add vinegar to the boiling water and then swirl the water around. Add the egg and it’ll shape itself.”

Another content creator shared how to make the perfect egg yolk every time, without poaching. 

The eggs boasted perfect thick, runny, orange yolks and looked absolutely delicious.

The nutritionist said: “This is my foolproof method, especially if you hate poaching eggs, to give you that gloriously rich runny yolk every time.”

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