I tested Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s McDonald’s orders but one seemed too wasteful to really enjoy

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  • Kim Kardashian revealed in January that she dips her McDonald's chicken nuggets in honey, sparking discussion and debate online.
  • Kylie Jenner has also talked about her McDonald's order from when she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi.
  • I decided to give each order a try to see which one was best.
  • Surprisingly, I enjoyed Kim Kardashian's choice of honey dipping sauce, but overall her order — and suggestion to eat only half of it — seemed wasteful.
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McDonald's has been dabbling in the realm of celebrity collaborations recently. The chain's Travis Scott meal was extremely popular, even leading to burger shortages at some locations. However, this isn't the first time McDonald's has used celebrity orders to promote its food.

In January, a McDonald's campaign revealed that Kim Kardashian dips her chicken McNuggets in not honey mustard, not ketchup, but honey. Kylie Jenner has also spoken about her McDonald's order from when she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi, now 2 years old.

Since both of the reality-stars-turned-makeup-moguls are known for their healthy lifestyles, I decided it would be fun to try out their orders, especially as celebrity fast-food collaborations become increasingly popular.

Here's what I thought about Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's McDonald's orders.

Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order includes six chicken nuggets, a cheeseburger, a vanilla shake, an apple pie, small fries, and honey dipping sauce.

Kardashian-West revealed her unique order in a McDonald's campaign that came out earlier this year. The video also featured her husband Kanye West's McDonald's order, among those of other celebrities.

When I bought it, the total for the order came to $18.34.

Arguably the most unique — and even polarizing — part of Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order is how the reality star eats her chicken McNuggets.

"Chicken nuggets dipped in honey is the ONLY way to eat them!" Kardashian West tweeted after the video was released.

Some fans were disgusted by Kim Kardashian's choice to dip her chicken nuggets in honey.

"You mean honey mustard right Kim? … please tell me its Honey Mustard," one person responded. 

Others also replied to Kardashian-West arguing that honey mustard is better, to which she replied, "HATE HONEY MUSTARD."

I was a little anxious to try Kim's method.

My usual choice for a nugget dipping sauce is either ranch, honey mustard, or ketchup.

The honey glistened off the chicken nugget and smelled delicious.

The smell of the sticky, sweet honey lingered for hours after this taste test.

After biting in, I was floored — I actually really liked it.

The crispy, crunchy chicken nugget dipped in honey was a nice balance between savory and sweet. In fact, it even reminded me of fried chicken and honey, a popular choice in the South.

It tasted similar to honey mustard but much, much sweeter.

As someone who likes the contrast of sweet and savory flavors in one, I'd definitely order this again. 

The next part of Kim Kardashian's McDonald's meal was the cheeseburger.

Kim's instructions didn't say anything about modifying the order, so I got mine with cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles.

I very rarely get just a regular cheeseburger from McDonald's. I usually prefer the bigger, more involved burgers.

However, I really enjoyed it. The pickles were crunchy, the cheese was gooey, and the ketchup perfectly sweet yet tangy. I was tempted to eat all of it, until I realized that per Kim's instructions, I couldn't.

Perhaps the most complicated part of Kim Kardashian's order is not what she eats, but how much she eats.

The reality star explained that if she just orders chicken nuggets, she'll eat all of them. Or, if she gets a cheeseburger, she'll eat "half of each."

It admittedly felt wasteful to only eat half of the cheeseburger and three chicken McNuggets when I could have just gotten either one and been happy. Granted, sometimes Kardashian-West does choose just the nuggets. However, I wanted to give the stranger version of her order a try.

Kim Kardashian also orders a small fry.

"When I go to McDonald's, I always have to get an order of small fries," she said on her app.

After eating a few fries, I was pretty full.

Next up was dessert — according to the McDonald's ad, Kim orders a vanilla shake and apple pie.

It seemed like a lot of food, even after only eating half of the cheeseburger and three chicken nuggets.

It was too much food for me to reasonably eat all of it, and that seemed to be the point. My verdict of the size of Kim Kardashian's order was that it seemed like it was less about having a filling meal, and more about trying a little bit of a bunch of items for fun. That might work when you're a multimillionaire, but it just seemed like a waste of money to me.

The milkshake was frothy and really sweet.

My one complaint was that the shake was just a little too sweet for my liking. It tasted like straight-up ice cream, which isn't bad, but didn't pair well with a stomach already filled with salt and sugar.

The apple pie was also very good.

I had never had one before and I thought it tasted just like "real" apple pie. The apple slices were flavorful and crisp, and the crust was flaky.

After taking a bite of the apple pie and a few sips of the shake, I reached the conclusion that Kim also probably only has a few bites and a few sips of each.

Overall, Kim's was an expensive order to only end up eating half of it. 

Kylie Jenner's McDonald's order is much simpler.

According to Postmates, a week before Jenner gave birth to her daughter Stormi on February 1, 2018, she ordered 10 chicken nuggets, an Oreo McFlurry, and fries.

When I bought it, the total for the order came to $13.57.

Kylie Jenner was a big fan of fast food during her pregnancy — she also revealed she often craved In-N-Out, where she ordered a double cheeseburger and extra-crispy fries.

Jenner didn't say what sauces she orders with her nuggets, so I tried them plain and with my favorite sauces.

I guessed that since Kylie Jenner gets a 10-piece nugget, she probably eats all of it, or at least more than six nuggets, which is the next-smallest size. This seemed like a less wasteful order than Kim's, both food and money-wise.

The nuggets, which were evenly fried, were good on their own.

However, I definitely preferred them with some sort of sauce. In fact, after trying them with ranch and honey mustard, which are my usual go-to sauces, I actually craved the honey.

Jenner also didn't say which size fries she usually gets, so I chose a small.

The fries were crispy and what one can usually expect from Mickey D's fries – salty and ready to be eaten by the handful. 

The Oreo McFlurry was delicious — I haven't had one in years.

It was creamy and light, almost like Cool Whip. The Oreo crumbles on the top added the perfect balance of texture.

The meal seemed like it would satisfy any McDonald's fan, pregnant or not.

It was a tasty, simple order, without all the bells, whistles, and frankly unnecessary instructions of Kim's order.

If I had to choose one Kardashian-Jenner McDonald's meal, it would have to be Kylie's.

The meal wasn't too much food, which is surprising since Jenner ordered it when she was eating for two. However, if I were to make one addition to Kylie's order, it would actually be to dip the nuggets in honey.

It may sound weird, but Kim knows what she's talking about when it comes to the perfect nugget dipping sauce.

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