Hershey's Is Releasing Emoji Chocolate Bars, and They're Giving Me Major Heart Eyes

Want to know what’s about the same size as your cellphone and also covered in emoji? After 125 years in business, Hershey’s has given their classic chocolate bars a modern twist by replacing their famous logo on each chocolate block with emoji! That’s right, from the peace sign to the winking face and the smiling poop emoji, the candy company has included 25 of the most beloved emoji.

Share a heart-eyes square with your significant other or a cry-laughing piece with your best friend. There’s even a party popper emoji to celebrate how much we love chocolate. (Hint: a lot.) Available for a limited time through the end of Summer, the new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars come in standard 1.55 oz. bars for $1, a 2.25 oz. snack-size bag also for $1, and a 9.45 oz. snack-size bag for $4. There will also be six different package designs, so choose your mood and express yourself with chocolate.

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