Here’s Where To Buy Pepsi Mango For A Tropical Twist On Classic Cola

There’s an unpredictable mash-up hitting the shelves, and it’s Pepsi’s first new permanent cola flavor in five years. The soda brand is releasing a fruity take on a classic cola featuring the sweet taste of mango. While it’s hard to believe mango-flavored cola is now a *thing*, you may be curious about what it tastes like. As the new flavor heads to stores, here’s where to buy Pepsi Mango to give the tropical sip a try.

Pepsi Mango features a surprising combination — a cola base of citrus and caramel notes mixed with a sweet, juicy mango flavor. You’ll be able to grab the sip starting on Monday, March 22, from grocery stores, mass retailers, and convenience stores nationwide. You can get regular Pepsi Mango or Zero Sugar Pepsi Mango in a 12-count pack of 12-ounce cans or a 20-ounce bottle for $5.49 and $1.99, respectively, at your go-to spots.

To announce the new flavor, Pepsi debuted a commercial featuring "Take You Dancing" by Jason Derulo set to a mango and cola mash-up. But that’s not all the company is doing to celebrate the launch of the unlikely Pepsi Mango flavor.

Since the cola and mango combo is an unconventional pairing, Pepsi is hopping into the dating sphere starting in early April to help people meet cute. Instead of posting some Pepsi ads on its social media accounts, the brand will turn some posts into dating ads for young singles. Combining 2021’s virtual dating scene with the ’80s fad of video dating, Pepsi’s singles posts will feature personal introductions and contact information to help people meet their match online.

Pepsi will continue its matchmaking efforts in April with a perfect match-themed series starring dating reality stars in partnership with ViacomCBS and its Velocity content studio.

If you’re stoked to try the new Pepsi Mango, remember to follow the most updated CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing when heading to the store.

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