Guinness launches new alcohol-free stout which has around 70 calories per can

At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard someone in our local boozer rattle on about how ‘Guinness is good for us.’ Well now it really is, as the drink comes in a brand new alcohol-free form.

Guinness has launched a new booze-free stout – which has been four years in the making.

The brewers at the St James’s Gate brewery in Dublin have unveiled the new Guinness Draught 0.0, which they claim has the same smooth taste and unique dark colour of regular Guinness – just without the alcohol.

They’ve done this by brewing the new drink in the usual way – using the same amounts of water, barley, hops and yeast – before removing the alcohol through a cold filtration process. This allows the alcohol to be filtered out without presenting ‘thermal stress’ to the stout.

For those still sceptical about the new drink, an independent test conducted by Nielsen found that the beverage ‘exceeded expectations’ and that the taste was ‘outstanding.’

Guinness Draught 0.0 is also a great low calorie option, with just 16 calories per 100ml or around 70 per can.

The new beer will go on sale from Monday 26 October at Waitrose and Morrison’s as well as at off-licences, costing £4.50 for a pack of four. It’s expected to be rolled out in pubs from spring next year.

Gráinne Wafer, global brand director at Guinness, said: ‘This is an exceptional day for Guinness, as we finally reveal Guinness 0.0. The launch of Guinness 0.0 highlights our long-held commitment to innovation, experimentation and bravery in brewing, harnessing the power of our brewers and our ingredients, to create an alcohol-free beer that is 100% Guinness but 0% alcohol.

‘We know people want to be able to enjoy a Guinness when they choose not to drink alcohol without compromising on taste, and with Guinness 0.0 we believe they will be able to do exactly that.’

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