'Fruit nerd' shares trick to help you find the juiciest mandarins

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A bowl of fresh, juicy fruit can be quite the treat on a summer’s day.

And to help you really elevate it, a man dubbed the ‘fruit nerd’ has a simple trick.

Thanh Truong, a fruiterer based in Melbourne, Australia, says you can find the juiciest mandarins in the shop by following his advice.

In a video posted on his Instagram and later republished by ABC, he said you should take two pieces of fruit and use your weaker arm to feel the weight of both.

The heavier mandarin will be ‘juicier and less dry’ than the lighter one.

‘Not all mandarins are equal,’ Thanh said.

Explaining what makes a good mandarin, Thanh added: ‘To me, a good mandarin has to be juicy, sweet, a little bit tart, but the aftertaste has to have a nice floral aroma.’

He later said that the reason some mandarins are so dry is due to a process called granulation.

‘The segments of the mandarin start to get really dry on the inside and not juicy and no one really knows why it becomes dry.

‘Studies have shown it’s because of weather patterns during the growing period.’

Once you’ve picked out the best ones, he says you should store them in the fridge to help keep them for longer.

‘They last about a week, not as long as oranges and that’s because the skin is much thinner and it’s more permeable, so it will dehydrate much more if you keep it for any longer than a week,’ Thanh said.

People have been commenting on his videos say how useful his advice has been.

One wrote: ‘This guy has stolen my heart. The time he spends to choose the perfect mandarin and the knowledge is just amazing!’

Another added: ”I love these videos! Keep them coming.’

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