From sausage fingers to tampons people got inventive with Coronation cakes

Bakers all over the nation have been busy making all manner of cakes for the Coronation of King Charles III.

From busts of the King and hyperrealistic crowns to ‘sausage-fingered’ hands and odes to the tampon-gate phone hacking scandal, people really put their all into baking for the Chazzle Dazzle (yes, we’re still trying to make that happen).

Meryn Cobbin, the creator of the puffy hand, tells that the incredible cake had a marmalade filing and took around three hours to make.

‘I won’t express views on the Coronation,’ she said, ‘but at least the £10 spent on the cake was worth the money.

‘We all enjoyed having a nibble on the royal digits.’

What a delightful turn of phrase!

‘The flavour was chosen by the customer after I gave her lots of options. It’s a lovely summery flavour.’

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