From Foot Files to an Inflatable Bed: See What Zendaya Spent Over $16,000 on Postmates

When you’re Zendaya, there’s no time to head to the store!

According to Postmates’ blog The Receipt (shared exclusively with PEOPLE), the Euphoria actress has spent more than $16,000 getting deliveries on the app since 2015.

From Crest 3D White toothpaste and floss sticks to pizza slices and garlic knots, the 22-year-old has ordered 833 items on the app.

On one particular day, the Smallfoot actress ordered some hygiene must-haves from CVS Pharmacy, including mascara, a foot file, a cuticle nipper, body polish, and three types of nail polish.

But the Oakland native’s most on-brand order? Three pints of Häagen-Dazs ice cream in January 2016.

It looks like Postmates isn’t the only one that knows about Zendaya’s ice cream obsession. Earlier this week, during a Q&A session for her upcoming HBO show Euphoria, a fan asked the star out on a date to a local ice cream parlor.

“Yo, if I had time I would because I love ice cream and I appreciate that,” she responded, according to Page Six.

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Perhaps Zendaya’s affinity for ice cream comes from a strange talent of hers: she can eat it with her teeth!

“I eat my ice cream with my teeth,” she previously said in a Vanity Fair video. “I know that sounds weird because people have sensitivity … but I don’t. I don’t feel it — it doesn’t hurt. It’s a special talent of mine.”

In 2011, while she was still starring on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, she proved that she takes her ice cream — specifically, Häagen Dazs — obsession very seriously.

“yes, I have an ice cream lock!! don’t mess with me and my Haagen Dazs,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of a Häagen Dazs pint with a literal lock.

If that wasn’t enough proof of her love for the frozen dessert, the star has tweeted about ice cream over 60 times.

A week before her 2016 birthday, the Disney Channel alum made four different orders on the same day.

At 10 a.m, she got a garden omelette, a strawberry banana smoothie and two other items from The Nook Restaurant. That afternoon she placed two separate Gala Thai orders: one of chicken teriyaki and another of fried rice with yellow curry. In the evening, she sent in an order for some Mexican cuisine and got a cheesy gordita, some nachos and a taco.

Zendaya’s most expensive order on the app was an inflatable bed from Target. On Christmas Eve in 2016, the star got a meal from Veggie Grill: Gluten Friendly Crispy Fries, Kale Salad and Grilled Quinoa.

Despite the taco order, it looks like Zendaya is learning to love avocados.

Last year, she tweeted: “I’ve forced myself to like avocado this year.. I’m not at the ‘eat it plain with a spoon’ stage yet but…I like it.”

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