Egg muffin recipe uses just four ingredients and is low in calories

The egg McMuffin is the go-to item for many McDonald’s breakfast lovers, best known for its perfectly shaped, runny egg. While this fast-food staple tastes great, a TikTok chef has shared a quick low-calorie alternative to make instead. And it has a rich gooey core, just like a good poached yolk should.

It’s hard to shake off a craving for a greasy, carb-heavy breakfast, but it is easy to make a quick “fakeaway” alternative.

In a recent video on his TikTok profile, weight loss coach Jack Cracknell (@coachingbycracknell) showed hungry Britons how to do just that.

He said: “You absolutely need to try this McDonald’s egg McMuffin. Homemade and only 368 calories in each.”

The recipe is not only easy to follow for poached egg lovers but also requires just four basic ingredients.


For one serving, the recipe requires:

  • One low-calorie pork sausage (six-pack can be purchased in Aldi)
  • One English breakfast muffin
  • Two cheese slices
  • One whole egg

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Ground up the sausages by removing the outer skin and crushing the meat in a bowl.

One sausage per serving should be enough, though you can add more for a larger patty.

Season with salt, pepper and a few herbs before dividing the mixture into equal servings of thin, flat patties.

Heat up a drop of low-calorie oil in a non-stick pan over a low heat and add the sausage.

These should be cooked until nicely browned before flipping over to heat up on the other side.

The thinner the patties, the quicker they take to cook, so take care not to undercook or burn them.

Once cooked on both sides, place a cheese slice on each one to gently soften in the pan and keep to one side.

When it starts to melt, make room for the egg. For the perfect poached whites and runny yolk, crack the egg into the hot pan with a round cookie cutter to shape the raw liquid.

While the egg is technically fried, the result is a gooey golden yolk with a thick poached white around it.

Just before the translucent egg turns completely white, slice the muffin in half and lightly toast it under a grill or in the toaster.

For the perfect McMuffin fakeaway, this should be done only until the bread turns a pale golden shade. Then, stack the sausage on one half of the muffin, followed by the neatly shaped egg.

Sprinkle with some cracked black pepper and top with the other muffin half. Showing off the finished result, Jack said: “How good do they actually look? Definitely better than McDonald’s and definitely a lot healthier. With 35g of protein, it’s hard to say no.”

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