Boursin is launching a vegan version of its garlic and herb spread

What greater joy is there than a hunk of bread smothered with a hefty spread of Boursin?

Whether dolloped on a baguette or spread on a cracker at Christmas, Boursin cheese spread has long been a luxurious treat.

But poor old vegans and plant-based pals have been left out of the fun – until now.

Coming soon to shelves near you is a vegan take on the garlic and herb spread you know and love.

It’s been made to taste just like the original Boursin, with garlic, parsley, and chives, but rather than dairy cheese, the base is made out of sunflower oil – meaning it’s free of all animal products.

The team at Boursin say they were ‘truly inspired’ by the vegans, veggies, and flexitarians who have ‘yearned for a plant-based alternative to the iconic indulgent cheese’, noting that many of those who swap to a vegan diet say cheese is one of the things they miss most.

The new take on the spread will be available exclusively in Sainsbury’s from December onwards – so yes, you can make yourself a vegan cheeseboard ahead of the festive season – then will have a further nationwide roll-out from February 2022.

The sad news: at £3 for 130g, the vegan version of Boursin is a tad more expensive than regular dairy Boursin, which is £2 for 150g.

Perhaps this will need to be an occasional luxury purchase rather than something you spread on your sandwiches with wild abandon.

Tesco also does a vegan soft cheese spread with garlic and herbs for £1.80, so that might be worth trying as a dupe.

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