Are IKEA's Swedish Plant Balls Just as Good?

Spotlighting the importance of taking immediate action against the urgent climate crisis, IKEA has developed a sustainable take on its signature Swedish Meat Balls. Part of the Swedish furniture company’s ambition to become climate positive by 2030, the HUVUDROLL Swedish Plant Balls features the same great taste and texture but at only four percent of the climate footprint.

Completely meatless, the miniature morsels are made of pea protein, potatoes, oats, onion and apple paired with umami flavors taken from mushroom, tomato and roasted vegetables. Aside from the taste, the plant balls provide the same juicy textural experience associated with the IKEA restaurant mainstay. Priced exactly the same as the meat original, the HUVUDROLL Swedish Plant Balls are served with a side of mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and peas.

The HUVUDROLL Swedish Plant Balls are available now at IKEA’s restaurants and Swedish Food Markets.

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