Aldi’s New Latte & Frappe Mix Makes It Easy To Whip Up Frozen Coffee at Home

Cold coffee is the summertime treat we can’t live without. It’s refreshing and packed with caffeine — what’s not to love? But going out in the heat and spending money on your favorite iced or frozen latte can get a little exhausting, so Aldi has a solution. The grocery store chain already sells a popular pre-made iced coffee drink, and now they are also selling a Latte & Frappe Mix!

Instagram user @theamazingaldi shared a picture of this amazing mix on Saturday. “Latte & Frappe mix!” they wrote. “I’m hearing good things, let me know if you try it!”

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Commenters rushed to chime in — @adventuresinaldi also posted about these yesterday, writing, “Everyone is talking about these in some groups I’m in & my store JUST got them in! Have you tried them yet?! They look & sound deeeeelish!! What are your thoughts??” Other people raved about the Salted Caramel and Java Chips flavors.

The Latte & Frappe Mix is made with Arabica coffee and comes in three flavors — java chip, sea salt caramel, and mocha, which would be amazing topped with whipped cream and a caramel or chocolate drizzle. The box says it comes with three drink packets that make three 16-ounce drinks (which is grande size at Starbucks), but comments said each packet was enough for two cups.

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“My kids said it was better than Starbucks,” one person raved, before adding that each box was only $5 (which is less than one drink from the chain).

Some people mentioned they were a bit “too sweet,” but one commenter added a solution: “You could always add some cold black coffee to cut the sweetness as well.” Or maybe some Kahlua if you’re at least 21?

Regardless of whether these completely replace your favorite coffee shop-made drink, they’re still a great solution for making cold coffee at home. Just add the mix to ice and your favorite milk, blend, add some fun toppings, and enjoy!

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