A fast food outlet is selling the 'UK’s first' Wagyu doner kebab for £20

When we think of Wagyu beef, hefty price tags tend to come to mind.

But a fast food joint in Portsmouth is selling Wagyu in a completely new way.

Wagyu Bros – which opened just a few weeks ago – is run by brothers Yousef and Ashram Ali, and the pair are now selling the ‘UK’s first’ Wagyu doner kebab on Fridays and Saturdays.

What’s more, they spent 18 months perfecting the unique recipe.

Available for just £20, customers can enjoy 300g of Wagyu beef, while £15 gets 200g – so it’s an incredibly reasonable deal for the luxury ingredient (which often comes in at around £200 a kilo).

Yousef Ali, 26, says: ‘Me and my brother are both foodies, we like to experiment with high-quality ingredients at home and turned it into something we want to serve the public because it was just too good. We wanted to go and do fast food, but the difference of using premium Wagyu beef.’

The Wagyu kebab has been a year-and-a-half in the making, with lots of taste testing.

The brothers add that it takes them around four hours to prepare it.

Yousef continues: ‘We have a 15kg doner every Friday and Saturday and that is all we sell for the day so it’s completely fresh, so you’re not getting yesterday’s kebab. We just use Wagyu, there are no other additives, and the only thing that we season it with is salt. So it’s you’re getting 100% meat.

‘The taste is very different to the kebab that we’re all used to, it tastes like actual meat with no aftertaste, and even the fat that comes off is a clean colour.

‘One of our chefs is very experienced in kebab shops, and he’s never seen the fat quite like it.

‘People that are not aware of Wagyu might think the prices are a bit extortionate, but for a foodie that knows what Wagyu beef is, it’s the highest quality cow you can get. They understand that this is as affordable as we could make it.’

Despite opening just weeks ago, customers have already travelled from all over the country – including from Leeds, Brighton, London and Birmingham – to try the unique dish.

One customer, 24-year-old Bilal Ahmed, journeyed from London for the doner kebab – after seeing it on social media.

He said: ‘I saw it on Instagram and I really wanted to try it out because I like doner kebabs and I’ve never heard of it before.

‘I really enjoyed it, it’s just a shame that I’m not local to me otherwise I would have had it more often.’

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