7 Things People With Clean Kitchens Do Every Day

Do you hate to cook? Do you turn your nose when entering your kitchen and hurry out the door once your microwave beeps, signaling your frozen burrito is ready? And if we’re really being honest, have you forgotten the last time you changed out your sponge or scrubbed the stove free of pasta-sauce splatters? It sounds like you have a messy kitchen. Marie Kondo, the Netflix star and New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up sympathizes. That’s why she developed a system, which is called the KonMari Method, that allows anyone, even the seemingly hopelessly messy, can take on successfully.

If you’re curious about her unique purging technique, read about my experience of using the KonMari Method in my kitchen. After you’ve trashed all the dishware, cooking tools, and pantry items that don’t “spark joy” — aka make you happy when you see, touch, and use them — it’s time to take on these daily habits of people with clean kitchens to keep your own space neat without intense effort.

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