5 easy Christmas cookies to make, and then eat entirely on your own this holiday season

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Are you hesitant to bake an entire batch of Christmas cookies because you’re expecting fewer guests (or no guests) for this year’s holiday festivities? Well, don’t be! We both know you’re entirely capable of polishing off an entire tray on your own.

To that end, we’ve scoured the Internet’s best food blogs to provide you with a smattering of the sweetest recipes of the season. From shortbreads to a twist on the traditional "blossom" cookie, there’s something here for anyone’s taste … if you do plan on sharing whatever meager crumbs are left after you’ve snacked.

Keep reading for a few ideas, then run to the grocery store and grab some milk. You’re gonna need it.

Holiday Shortbread Cookies with Royal Icing

Holiday Shortbread Cookies With Royal Icing
(Cooking Classy)

Forget about Royal Dansk. Jaclyn from Cooking Classy has a butter cookie that’s equally neat and sweet, and can be topped with royal icing, chocolate, sprinkles — or all of the above. Click here for the recipe.

Coconut Macaroon Blossoms

Coconut Macaroon Blossoms
(Mom On Timeout)

A twist on more traditional "blossom" cookies, this recipe coconut macaroon blossoms, courtesy of Trish from Mom On Timeout, blend two of her most popular recipes. "Chewy on the inside with perfectly toasted coconut on the outside, they really are unbelievably delicious," she writes.

Butter ‘Snowballs’

Butter ‘Snowballs’
(Kristine’s Kitchen)

Passed down from her great-grandmother, this recipe for "snowballs" is still a family favorite every Christmas, according to Kristine at Kristine’s Kitchen. The cookies also call for walnuts or pecans (your choice) for a distinctly nutty flavor — and an appropriate one for an appropriately nutty year.


Eggnog Cookies with Eggnog Icing

Eggnog Cookies With Eggnog Icing

Jamielynn of IHeartNaptime admits that "eggnog is one of those flavors that you either love or hate," but claims that her eggnog-hating friend "LOVED" this recipe, and even asked for it after tasking one of the cookies.


Cranberry-Orange Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies
(Mom On Timeout)

Yes, we’ve come full-circle back to shortbread. But when a recipe calls for dried cranberries and orange, it just seems like something that could win the Signature Challenge on "The Great British Baking Show." Click here to learn how they’re made.

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