You’ve been doing your nightly skincare routine all wrong – dermatologist reveals the correct way to layer the products

SKINCARE can be confusing thanks to the endless list of products available and constant advertisements claiming there is a newer and better way to make your skin glow. 

One dermatologist is determined to help end this confusion, though, and revealed the correct way to layer multiple products for best results.

Dr. Chris Tomassian took to TikTok to inform his followers of the exact way he wants them to apply their skincare products and recommended ingredients they should use. 

First, he said to cleanse your face with a cleanser that works best for your skin type. 

Next, he recommended a toner followed by hyaluronic acid.

According to Medical News Today, hyaluronic acid is an anti-aging sugar that occurs naturally in the body. 

It helps skin retain moisture, smooths the skin, and can improve tissue regeneration. 

For the third step, Dr. Tomassian instructed his followers to use niacinamide, which also helps retain moisture, minimizes pores, reduces redness, and can protect against sun damage, per Healthline. 

He then wants people to apply an eye cream of their choice and finally finish their routine with retinol. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, retinol can “reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.”

To simplify his instructions, Dr. Tomassian noted in the comment section of his video that this order is the thinnest consistency to thickest. 

In response to those worried that this is a time-consuming routine, he wrote that people should preferably be using sunscreen, retinol, vitamin C, cleanser, and moisturizer.

“The rest is extra,” he confirmed. 

And while Dr. Tomassian is a dermatologist, if you have skincare questions, it’s always helpful to visit a doctor in person. 

Dr. Tijion Esho warned against taking advice directly from TikTok, as some of the hacks he has seen are potentially dangerous. 

“I regularly see people in my clinic who have tried a 'skincare hack' they saw on the channel,” he said.

“They end up in my waiting room because they need something fixed.”

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